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Blackberry and Lemon Detox

About us

Juices available in the market, all the BIG BRANDS included, are usually laden with added sugars and preservatives. (READ THE FINE PRINT ON THEIR LABELS & YOU WILL KNOW).
At ARKA, we have broken that old beaten mould (Trust us, We don’t have anything in fine print). We are providing you with juices which you can gorge on without any guilt and knowing that you are providing your body with the all important nutrients & dietary fiber which people miss out in their daily life.
No concentrates- No fruit pulp – No added Sugars- No preservatives
What you get is “ALL THE GOODNESS OF FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES” conveniently in a BOTTLE.
100% NATURAL & just like the name ARKA (in Sanskrit), it is the pure essence & the goodness of nature.
Beautifully blended & bottled hygienically. We have very unique Vegetable-Fruit blends & also pure FRUIT juices taking into account the unique INDIAN PALETTE  to provide with a major source of VITAMINS & DIETARY FIBRE.
We source most of the fruits and vegetables locally. Our unique patented process ensures the retention of all the vital vitamins and nutrition while providing an amazing shelf life WITHOUT A COLD CHAIN. Making it very convenient to our retailers and customers.

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